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03 Apr 2023 Wildlife stories

March sightings at Xigera

With the close of another month at Xigera we take time to reflect on the wonderful sightings of the past month.

01 Mar 2023 Wildlife stories

February sightings at Xigera

With the increase in rainfall this past month has been an abundance of wildlife sightings. Discover February's incredible moments at Xigera.

01 Feb 2023 Wildlife stories

January sightings at Xigera

From leopard cubs and hidden dens to red lechwe, impalas, tsessebe, and giraffes, discover some of our safari highlights from January.

19 Jan 2023 Delicious dining

Introducing Xigera's signature dish: steak tartar

Learn how to make our signature dish at Xigera Safari Lodge: steak tartar.

17 Jan 2023 Wildlife stories

A year in review: safari highlights from 2022

To offer a moment of reflection upon the year past, we have collated our guides’ favourite moments from our safari journeys in 2022.

02 Jan 2023 Wildlife stories

December sightings at Xigera, 2022

Discover some of the magnificent moments from our safari tours during the final month of 2022.

19 Dec 2022 Make Travel Matter

BushRAP: our day with Habu Primary School

Discover the latest initiative in our conservation efforts at Xigera Safari Lodge with our Habu BushRAP day report, curated with Wild Entrust.

30 Nov 2022 Wildlife stories

November sightings at Xigera

As we bid farewell to the penultimate month of 2022, discover some of the moments that have made November so magical at Xigera.

Leopard Mmaoratwa laying in a tree

18 Nov 2022 Wildlife stories

Tales from the Okavango: Mma Diphala’s family

Discover tales of the Okavango Delta and its wildlife, told by our experienced and passionate guides at Xigera.

31 Oct 2022 Wildlife stories

October sightings at Xigera

From elephants and hippos to lions and leopards, discover the array of wildlife encounters that have blessed us this October.

30 Sep 2022 Wildlife stories

September sightings at Xigera

Explore the wonderful sightings from our water and land safaris this month at Xigera.

01 Sep 2022 Wildlife stories

August sightings at Xigera

As the weather gathered in heat across August, so too did the sightings at Xigera. Explore the array of wildlife spotted on this month's safaris.

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