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The world of Xigera Safari Lodge

19 Dec 2022 Make Travel Matter

BushRAP: our day with Habu Primary School

Discover the latest initiative in our conservation efforts at Xigera Safari Lodge with our Habu BushRAP day report, curated with Wild Entrust.

30 Nov 2022 Wildlife stories

November sightings at Xigera

As we bid farewell to the penultimate month of 2022, discover some of the moments that have made November so magical at Xigera.

Leopard Mmaoratwa laying in a tree

18 Nov 2022 Wildlife stories

Tales from the Okavango: Mma Diphala’s family

Discover tales of the Okavango Delta and its wildlife, told by our experienced and passionate guides at Xigera.

16 Nov 2022 Delicious dining

Winter warming recipes: Chicken Noodle Soup

As the colder months dawn upon us, indulge in a delicious, comforting classic - chicken noodle soup.

31 Oct 2022 Wildlife stories

October sightings at Xigera

From elephants and hippos to lions and leopards, discover the array of wildlife encounters that have blessed us this October.

19 Oct 2022 Red Carnation Family

The talented chefs of Red Carnation Hotels

To mark International Chefs Day this October, we are highlighting some of the talented and inspiring chefs from across our collection.

30 Sep 2022 Wildlife stories

September sightings at Xigera

Explore the wonderful sightings from our water and land safaris this month at Xigera.

01 Sep 2022 Wildlife stories

August sightings at Xigera

As the weather gathered in heat across August, so too did the sightings at Xigera. Explore the array of wildlife spotted on this month's safaris.

01 Aug 2022 Wildlife stories

July sightings at Xigera

Explore some of our most exceptional wildlife sightings at Xigera this July

01 Jul 2022 Wildlife stories

June sightings at Xigera

Explore the exceptional sightings brought to our camp by the winter season.

24 May 2022 Stay local

Our new sustainable partner: Elliewood Farm

Learn about our latest partnership with Elliewood Farm, located just outside of Maun.

Elephants close up

12 May 2022 Wildlife stories

May sightings at Xigera

As the winter season continues the Okavango Delta floods have returned, bringing new life to the camp.

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