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Travel tips

Our advice for a hassle-free safari sojourn.

Climate & location

Xigera is truly a year-round destination, though the seasons in the Okavango Delta are eternally defined by water.

What to pack

Our helpful packing list will take the confusion out of your suitcase conundrums.

Travel tips for Botswana

  • Don’t bring expensive jewellery or watches on safari. You won’t need them – there’s no formal dress code at Xigera – and they might get lost or mislaid on your journey.
  • For your own comfort and peace of mind, make up a small package of common medications that you may need: this could include tablets for headaches and stomach ailments, anti-septic cream, plasters/band-aids, anti-histamines and an epi-pen or antibiotics.
  • If you are taking anti-malarial prophylactics, remember to pack sufficient tablets for the duration of your stay.
  • Long trousers and sturdy boots are highly recommended for joining the memorable bush walks with our guides.
  • Please note that, except for active army personnel, wearing clothing with a camouflage pattern is strongly discouraged in Botswana.
  • The currency in Botswana is the ‘Pula’. There are ATM cash-points in most major towns. Credit cards and US dollars are widely accepted.
  • Swimming in the lagoons and channels of the Okavango Delta is extremely dangerous due to the danger posed by hippos and crocodiles. Do not enter the water at any time, unless under the direct supervision of your guide.
  • English is one of two official languages in Botswana, and is widely spoken and understood across the country.

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