Adventures afloat

Get up close to the life-giving waters of the Okavango Delta

A water wonderland

Xigera Exploring The Waterways And Floodplains

Expert guides on the water

With years of experience in the Okavango Delta, our team of experienced safari guides will reveal the unique views from this watery ecosystem and the hidden charms of the Delta on both mokoro excursions and motorboat safaris.

Our mokoro are pushed along by experienced polers who grew up in these unique boats. Our polers stand to navigate through the water, and because the mokoro have no motor they are essentially silent, allowing us to approach even the shyest species without disturbing them. 

The river that lost its way

A combination of ancient tectonic movements and contrary hydrology have given rise to rivers that never reach the sea, but rather flow inland to create a stunning mosaic of ecosystems.

The annual flooding of the Okavango Delta is driven not by local rainfall, but by the rains that fall in the far-off highlands of Angola. These floodwaters meander more than 1000 kilometres to Botswana, flooding the Delta before soaking into the sands of the Kalahari. Along the way they create a unique habitat for a myriad aquatic species, supporting an abundant ecosystem.

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