July’s cooler climate has brought forth an array of beautiful moments across the Momeri Game Reserve. In this blog post, we will explore some of the amazing wildlife sightings that blessed our guides and guests at Xigera Safari Lodge this July, illuminating the incredible experiences available in this diverse ecosystem. 

leopard in a tree


wild dog

Photos by Ike

During this peak season here at Xigera, we were lucky enough to see some incredibly raw moments that nature put on display for our guests to observe. 

sophie the leopard

Photo by Des

This is Sophie the leopard, glancing over the Okavango Delta in search of potential prey, using a castle of clay to find a vantage point. With the ominous dark cloud behind Sophie providing a breathtaking portrait, this picture is emblematic of Sophie's untameable power. 


Photo by IkegiraffePhoto by Genius

Here we can see a journey of giraffes making their way across the Okavango Delta. They are making use of cooling waters of the flood plains, a reprieve from the heat of the midday sun. 


Photo by Des

Lion sightings have been very prolific this July. These majestic cats roam freely in the Okavango Delta and in the late evening, we can see their manes shine in golden sunlight. 

leopard in reedselephants crossing body of waterPhotos by Ike 

It is incredibly rare to see a swimming leopard, but we were lucky enough to witness this young male crossing the wetland here in the Okavango Delta. Leopards have to adapt to the increased rainfall, meaning sometimes they have to swim across, targeting their prey as well as marking their territory.

Supported by our continued conservation efforts and sustainable initiatives, we continue to be inspired by the variety of wildlife on the plains of the Moremi Game Reserve.