Embrace the healing powers of the bush

Awarded World Spa Awards Botswana’s Best Safari Spa in 2021 & 2022 and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Africa's Safari Spa 2022

Wellness in the wilderness

The healing power of nature is ephemeral, yet undeniable. From the simple serenity of escaping into this untamed wilderness, to the deeply humbling nature of immersing yourself in a vast and ancient landscape, your hours at Xigera will leave you feeling revived, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Meticulously designed to frame breathtaking views of the seasonal flood plains and lush riverine forests, in its soothing colour palette and organic textures, the spa exists in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Fittingly, architect Anton de Kock found inspiration for his design in the eternal cycles of nature, reassuringly repetitive and unyieldingly regular: “They are the perfect continuum of opposites: of life and death, of light and dark. The Sun, the Moon, the entire Universe as well as the ‘circle of life’, which is synonymous with the wilderness.”

In proud recognition

Hand-in-hand with the simple restorative powers of being at one with the natural world, our spectacular spa provides a tranquil haven for travellers. We are thrilled to have been nominated for the World's Spa Award 2023.

Previous awards:

  • Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Africa's Safari Spa 2022
  • Botswana’s Best Safari Spa, World Spa Awards 2022
  • Botswana’s Best Safari Spa, World Spa Awards 2021

The Best Safari Spa in Africa

We are incredibly proud of our recent achievement at Xigera of being awarded the Best Safari Spa in Africa at the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards 2022.

In achieving this award, we were recognised not only for the excellence of our spa, but for the 'reviving, refreshing, and rejuvenating' qualities of the natural landscape in which we sit.