It's been an extraordinary month at Xigera, filled with captivating wildlife encounters. Amidst a symphony of birdlife, the addition of newborn wildlife has graced our surroundings, creating many heart-warming scenes. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming rainy season, Xigera reveals rare and delightful sightings which our guides skilfully capture through their photography.

A new pride of lions has recently established itself in the eastern territory, boasting eight members. This group includes two males, two females, and four energetic cubs.


Photos captured by Ike

At this time of the year at Xigera, we have the most amazing bird sightings at the fish traps dotted all over the Moremi Game Reserve. As the water starts to dry up it creates the most incredible bird parties, one in particular hosting an estimated 200 Pelicans, Egrets, Marabou Storks, Green Shanks, Pied Kingfishers, and African Fish Eagles all enjoying a sumptuous feast.

Photos captured by Ike 

November has brought about a range of captivating birdlife sightings.


Photos Captured by Ike

Photo captured by Des

Clouds always make for dramatic pictures in the Delta, transforming the sky into a dramatic sunset backdrop that beautifully showcases one of our Xigera lionesses—a fitting scene to conclude this November.

As summer draws to a close and the rainy season steadily approaches, Xigera has treated us to numerous extraordinary sightings this November. Our anticipation builds as we eagerly look forward to continuing our journey of discovery in this enchanting landscape, with the promise of all the surprises that December holds.