Xigera Safari Lodge occupies a remarkable location in the heart of the Okavango Delta. On the surface, this UNESCO World Heritage Site may appear abundant with life, resilient to the impact of humankind, but this delicate ecosystem requires constant protection to safeguard it for future generations.


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Mike Myers takes us on a tour of The Lodge's sustainable initiatives. 

At a glance:

  • Daily food waste is put into a composter to be used for planting and growing crops. It takes about two weeks to complete the process. 
  • All water at The Lodge is reused and purified to remove dirt, processed through a reverse osmosis plant, making it suitable for human consumption. It is then remineralised, adding back vital nutrients. The water is served to guests as either sparkling or still, in environmentally friendly glass bottles.
  • The Lodge uses an entirely above-ground Calcemite sewerage system, with biodegradable chemicals for cleaning.  The resulting greywater is safe to use for irrigation purposes.
  • A sophisticated photovoltaic solar-hybrid power system supplies over 95% of the lodge’s energy needs. A 400kW Tesla plant powers the Xigera Energy Centre, using the latest technology Lithium-Ion batteries and Tesla inverters.