Here at Xigera, we pride ourselves on our intimate relationship with local and organic partnerships. Sustainability and working with the environment in which we exist is at the heart of everything we do, and our partnership with Farmer Nick at Elliewood Farm helps us to continue this.

Farmer holding a chicken

Elliewood Farm is located just outside the city of Maun and run by farmer Nick, who left South Africa to fulfill a more enriching existence on the edge of the Okavango Delta. He started a small farm that grows seasonal produce and holds a small number of livestock. The outskirts of the delta basin are practically dessert land, which means that farming can be difficult due to lower soil quality and water scarcity. Farmer Nick has a thriving chicken egg farm and employs a handful of local villagers, who assist him in tending to his small holding.

Chickens roaming a farm

The few villagers employed by Elliewood Farm are vital in helping to sustain the farm. They tend to the farm and support its maintenance, as well as assist in rearing the farm’s livestock. This local employment also enables farmer Nick to give back to the area in which he operates and support the local economy as well as the local environment. Our partnership with them means that we support the local economy, so it may grow and thrive in years to come.

Chickens eggs

Our guests at Xigera will also benefit from this important partnership as we receive fresh eggs weekly from Elliewood Farms’ chickens. This means that we are not only continuing to source local produce, an action known to reduce one's environmental impact, but the free roaming space granted to the chickens and the wholesome diet of grains and wild shrubbery that they receive ensures that these delicious eggs are undoubtedly to be enjoyed by all who try them. Why not see for yourself when you dine with us at Xigera.