At Xigera, we are proud that over 90% of the furniture and art, décor accessories, table top crockery and glassware, linens and textiles have been hand-produced in Africa by over 80 recognised studios, designers and artists. This the largest collection of African design anywhere in the world and it is intrinsically sustainable.

By supporting small artisanal studios and individual makers, Xigera is helping to preserve age-old crafts and hand production, and the Xigera Design Collection has provided two years of work for many small producers. Sourcing locally significantly limits the impact of transporting by sea and air from international companies. 

The materials used are also sustainable – sculptor Adam Birch produced over 100 pieces of furniture from fallen timber right on the Xigera site, while all of the glassware is handblown by Ngwenya glass in Swaziland from recycled glass. Each of our baskets have been handwoven from harvested lutinzi and sisal grasses, or raffia by Gone Rural in Swaziland or Aaks in Ghana. The carpets are all hand woven from karakul wool by Coral and Hive in Cape Town, and African Jacquard used linen in their handwoven throws and shawls.

Where possible, the artists have repurposed materials to recreate spectacular pieces. Blacksmith Conrad Smith used repurposed steel for his giant boma sculpture, and all of the outdoor dining tables were created using recycled aluminium by Jesse Ede.  Xandre Kriel’s armchairs use repurposed conveyor belt rubber, and each suite features a giant circular artwork by Chris Soal made from recycled beer bottle tops.

By investing in limited-edition, collectible design and significant art from world-renowned names, Xigera has an heirloom collection that is timeless and we hope will last many lifetimes...