Poised on the beautiful and wild surroundings of the Moremi Game Reserve, we understand the significance of our duty at Xigera as custodians of the land in which we sit. This applies to both our sustainable initiatives and our wider conservation work. Our partnership with Wild Entrust aids us with the latter, and this came to fruition in November with our BushRAP Day – a spectacular day spent teaching children at Habu Primary School about conservation, the environment, and local wildlife.

Xigera's guides arrive at Habu Primary School

The day began with the arrival of three of our talented guides at Habu Primary School – Quest, Ike, and Mr T. After greeting the Grade 6 class a safety briefing commenced, providing the foundations for an exceptional morning game drive in and around Habu village.

Class of Habu Primary School on game drive

Despite living in the area, many of the children had never had the chance to see or experience the spectacular wildlife around them. Throughout this tour, however, they acquired lots of knowledge about the landscape, vegetation, and the rich array of wildlife first-hand.

After offering insight and stories of the different species local to the Habu region (and Botswana more generally), the BushRAP lesson turned its focus to one species in particular: the elephant. The group were even blessed with a breathtaking sighting at a nearby water point as a single male drank, bathed, and enjoyed the waters.

Elephant sighting

As the children took in this exceptional moment, Quest and Ike also explained how to act around wild animals. They stressed the importance of being calm, always standing downwind so that the animals cannot pick up your scent, approaching quietly, and how to tell the wind’s direction. As they approached these topics, they not only captured the group’s fascination but helped to dispel common myths of these mammals as dangerous or frightening. This helps to foster a positive and safe environment for elephants that protects both our wildlife and our communities.

Lesson with Xigera guide

Following the morning game drive, the children participated in the Elephant Rapid Awareness Program where they learnt about elephants, how we can support them, and how interconnected we are with the surrounding wildlife. Through a series of games and activities, the children were taught invaluable traits demonstrated by these animals that we can adopt, such as teamwork, kindness, and memory.

Teamwork games with Habu Primary School

Lessons with Habu Primary School

Throughout the day, the children remained enthusiastic and excited. It was a rewarding experience for all involved and not only provided the children with some unforgettable memories but, by deepening their respect and understanding of the environment around them, supported the conservation of our magnificent natural world too.